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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] cs5535-gpio: change input/output enable to match gpiolib expectations
    On Saturday 27 February 2010, Ben Gardner wrote:

    Patch seems OK, but the comment could stand correction:

    > The intent of the gpiolib set_direction_xxx functions is as follows:

    Clarification: it's not "gpiolib" which expects that; "gpiolib"
    is just an optional implementation infrastructure for the GPIO
    programming interface.

    That behavior is better described as a "weak expectation" than an
    intent. It comes from the GPIO programming interface, as described
    in Documentation/gpio.txt ...

    And the reason it describes that weak expectation is that it's how
    most GPIO hardware behaves ... in particular, how the GPIO banks of
    most System-on-Chip (SoC) processors behave. (Even on boards with
    external GPIO controllers, the SoC GPIOs generally outnumber the
    external GPIOs by one or more orders of magnitude.)

    Since the behavior of reading an "output" GPIO's value needs to
    be specified ... this issue comes up.

    > output: enable both input and output
    > input: disable output, enable input

    ... the expectation is "weak" in that output-only is very
    much allowed. However, if a gpio is going to provide that
    model, (a) it needs to report its value as 0/low/false when
    asked, which (b) may well trigger some odd behavior in
    some other driver code that expects more typical behavior

    (You *could* also return 0/low/false for output-only GPIOs.
    But this behavior is more typical, and much more useful.)

    So a better explanation of this patch would emphasize that
    it's providing "more typical behavior" to reduce surprises.

    - Dave

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