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Subject[PATCH 00/28] acpi4asus: asus-laptop rewrite for 2.6.33
Hi Len,
Here is a big series of patchs, only for asus-laptop.

It cleans asus-laptop like Alan Jenkins did for eeepc-laptop: no
more global context, and the driver *could* support multiple
acpi device (that will never happen, but it's not a reason to do
ugly code).

This has some side effects: bugs where the device path was \SB.HOTK
instead of \SB.ATKD are fixed, because a static path is no more used :).

It also adds some features like an rfkill handler for the gps, rewrite
the input code to use sparse_keymap library and add new backlight notifications.

The last patch is a checkpatch-cleanup.


Corentin Chary (28):
asus-laptop: add wireless and bluetooth status parameter
asus-laptop: set the right paths in the documentation
asus-laptop: no need to check argument of set_brightness()
asus-laptop: simplify write_acpi_int
asus-laptop: use tabs to indent macros and remove unused ones
asus-laptop: remove unecessary hotk != NULL check
asus-laptop: change initialization order
asus-laptop: revise names
asus-laptop: move backlight and dsdt info inside asus_laptop struct
asus-laptop: callbacks should use "driver data" parameter or field
asus-laptop: code movement
asus-laptop: stop using read_status for bluetooth and wlan
asus-laptop: stop using read_status and store_status for GPS
asus-laptop: stop using read_status for lcd
asus-laptop: removing read_status/store_status/write_status and
asus-laptop: rename function talking directly to acpi with asus_xxx
asus-laptop: stop using ASUS_HANDLE and use relative methods instead
asus-laptop: add error check for write_acpi_int calls
asus-laptop: rename wireless_status to wlan_status to avoid confusion
asus-laptop: switch to sparse keymap library
asus-laptop: add bluetooth keys found on M9V
asus-laptop: add backlight changes notifications
asus-laptop: leds, remove dead code and fix
asus-laptop: set initial lcd state
asus-laptop: add gps rfkill
asus-laptop: clean led code
asus-laptop: use device_create_file() instead of platform_group
asus-laptop: fix style problems reported by

.../ABI/testing/sysfs-platform-asus-laptop | 12 +-
drivers/platform/x86/Kconfig | 2 +
drivers/platform/x86/asus-laptop.c | 1741 ++++++++++----------
3 files changed, 914 insertions(+), 841 deletions(-)

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