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SubjectRe: ohci1394_dma=early crash since 2.6.32 (was Re: [Bug #14487] PANIC: early exception 08 rip 246:10 error ffffffff810251b5 cr2 0)
Justin P. Mattock wrote:
> As for anything changed in the kernel
> (2.6.31 - present), tough to say
> from what I remember I had created a new fresh
> lfs system using these CFLAGS:
> CFLAGS="-mtune=core2 -march=core2 -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"
> (without -m option gcc defaults(I think)to -m32).
> which booted with ohci1394_dma=early just fine.
> then decided to build another lfs system with the same CFLAGS except
> added -m64 (pure64) to the build process.
> (then this showed up).
> What I can try is do a git revert to 2.6.29/27 to see if this thing
> fires off(before going any further). if the system boots then do a bisect.

Do I understand correctly that at this moment it is only known that the
bug could be
- *either* a 2.6.31 -> 2.6.32 regression
- *or* an x86-64 specific bug that does not occur on x86-32,

I have an Core 2 Duo based PC with x86-32 kernel and userland and an AMD
based x86-64 PC and could give ohci1394_dma=early a try on both (never
tested it myself before). I could furthermore attempt to build and
install an x86-64 kernel on the Core 2 Duo PC but I am afraid I am far
too short of spare time for that.
Stefan Richter
-=====-==-=- --=- ---=-

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