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SubjectRe: USB mass storage and ARM cache coherency
On Tuesday 02 February 2010 07:58:42 Oliver Neukum wrote:
> Am Montag, 1. Februar 2010 23:30:01 schrieb Andreas Mohr:
> > I took some time to add your patch to ehci-q.c / ohci-q.c
> > (for my *hci-ssb.c ASUS WL-500gP v2), on my now heavily patched-up
> >, but UNFORTUNATELY it kept locking up the same way as always
> > when stopping playback despite being damn sure this time that this patch
> > could have the potential to finally fix it ;)
> > (I had to replace memory.h with page.h on my arch though, to fix the
> > build)
> A moment please. You are using ehci and ohci. Both are using dma.
> Why does this issue arise?

Because the BCM4710 CPU core is know to have cache problems and we have been
trying to workaround this, your problem Andreas is imho a different one.
Regards, Florian

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