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    SubjectRe: 4K disk block and disks larger than 2TiB bugs
    On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 08:14:27PM -0800, Daniel Taylor wrote:
    > The larger problem is for EFI. There is a significant amount of hard-coded
    > assumption that LBAs are 512 bytes. It would help if I could work with the
    > designer to make (and test) the changes in a way that abstracts away the
    > size (I do know that the kernel always thinks of disks in units of 512-byte
    > blocks). I have seen attempts in the past to fix this problem, but the
    > patches
    > were rejected with erroneous comments about fixing it in user space. If the
    > kernel will not recognise the partitions, or assigns incorrect values to the
    > starting block and/or number of blocks, there is nothing that user space can
    > do with the disk, except notice the EINVAL responses.

    This should be fixed since commit 7d13af3279985f554784a45cc961f706dbcdbdd1,
    which is included in Linux 2.6.32.

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