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    SubjectRe: Regression in ptrace (Wine) starting with 2.6.33-rc1
    On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 12:05:16AM +0100, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
    > The easiest to bootstrap the build environment is to use the package
    > management of the distribution, e.g. yum-builddep wine on Fedora. But
    > there are also howto's for other distributions on

    Thanks, should work fine for me.

    >> Sure, let's fix the first problem to begin.
    > That regression isn't there anymore; I had seen it when the regression
    > search brought me to 66cb591. Now all other tests in ntdll/exception.c
    > pass just fine.

    OK, will send the second fix soon (the one that fix the dr7 mismatch).


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