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SubjectRe: Linux mdadm superblock question.
Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
> 1/ distro tools assume that the kernel being build will run on that
> machine. For servers this is often not true. There are very valid
> security reasons to exclude compilation capability from many servers.

That's simply not true, at least not for Debian. If you actually use the
distro tools [1] the only assumptions are made at kernel *installation*
time, not at kernel build time.

I've been using initramfs-tools generated initrds for years without
problems, and that includes "root on LVM on LUKS encrypted partition"
and "root on LVM on RAID" setups.


[1] I.e. if you build and install the kernel as a .deb package using e.g.
the deb-pkg target or kernel-package.

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