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    SubjectRe: [tip:x86/mce] x86, mce: Make xeon75xx memory driver dependent on PCI

    > Please work with Mauro on the Nehalem EDAC bits, they seem rather advanced to
    > me for v2.6.34, and _far_ cleaner and more capable as well. See those Intel
    > support bits at:

    Hi Ingo,

    core_i7 and EDAC has nothing to do with this code and
    it has nothing to do with the problem this patch is

    This is for a different chip (xeon75xx)
    which has a completely different memory subsystem
    and reports memory errors in a completely different way
    than xeon75xx/core_i7.

    For core_i7/xeon55xx there is no additional event interface needed;
    it's all supplied by the hardware on the existing interfaces.

    The point of this code is to annotate the CE events on Xeon 75xx
    and to implement specific backend actions (page offlining, triggers)
    based on specific events. These backend actions are already implemented
    on 55xx without additional changes (no need for EDAC)

    EDAC does not provide an event interface that can
    be polled, just counts, so this cannot be done with EDAC.
    It's simply a topology enumeration with error counts.
    mcelog is not a topology interface, it's a event
    notification mechanism.

    EDAC and mcelog are orthogonal, they don't solve the same

    So your nack is based on incorrect assumptions and doesn't make
    sense. What you're asking for cannot be done with current
    EDAC as far as I know.


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