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SubjectRe: [ users] XZ Migration discussion
Pavel Machek wrote:
> On Sun 2010-02-14 18:33:49, Stefan Richter wrote:
>> Seriously, getting xz support on
>> Windows is just as easy or as difficult as getting gz support.
> Sorry, but I just don't think that's true.

Although it is. :-)

> No more windows systems
> here. On android, gzip is supported, xzip is not. Debian machine
> supports both, but gzip was preinstalled and I had to pull xzip. (This
> does not help either:
> root@amd:~# apt-cache search xzip
> xzip - Interpreter of Infocom-format story-files

Considering that xz support is available even on niche systems like
Amiga OS and BeOS (via p7zip if not by other means) and xz-utils proper
build even on DOS, OpenVMS and other systems, how hard can it be to
obtain an xz decompressor on Android, Debian, or Ubuntu¹? (¹About which
there was a note somewhere else in this thread that there is a conflict
between xz-utils and lzma-utils... That's basically because the former
supersede the latter.)

The name confusion between xz-utils and xzip can be avoided if you
search for the package in a package manager which shows package
categories (archivers vs. games).
Stefan Richter
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