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    SubjectRe: Rebase v. merge (Was: Re: linux-next: manual merge of the xfs tree with the vfs tree)
    On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 10:16:26AM +1100, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
    > Hi Al,
    > On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 03:44:17 +0000 Al Viro <> wrote:
    > >
    > > Actually, I'd cheerfully rebased that sucker (to e.g. write_inode2); it has
    > > grown a trivial conflict with mainline after one of gfs2 merges and it's
    > > annoying to fix it up after each for-next rebase.
    > >
    > > So I'd rather put a rebased variant and switched the for-next to using that,
    > > if people who'd pulled it already are OK with that.
    > Just out of interest, is there some reason you didn't just merge Linus'
    > tree (or the subset that caused the conflict) into the write-inode
    > branch. That would have meant that you still had a nonrebasing branch
    > that others could use. Now anyone who has merged your write_inode branch
    > needs to rebuild their trees using you new write-rebase2 branch or risk
    > causing conflicts in linux-next or Linus' tree when their tree's are
    > merged.

    Branch in question still doesn't exist; that was a question, not a description
    of what I've already done. I guess I can do what you describe, but... Yuck.
    Multiple merges from mainline can create one hell of a mess down the road.
    I had to deal with results of exactly that when dwmw2 had dumped the audit
    tree into my lap and it had been a huge mess that took quite a while to
    untangle ;-/

    The same goes for modifications hidden in merge commit, BTW. I know that
    Linus seems to be OK with that kind of thing, but... every time I run into
    that is when some change is not to be found in git log -p ;-/

    Oh, well... I'll probably do that merge of mainline back into write_inode
    and try hard to avoid anything similar in the next cycles.

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