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SubjectRe: [ users] XZ Migration discussion

> As a matter of fact, I am advocating the use of xz while I don't have
> it installed on most of my machines. I really don't see this as a
> blocker.


Making many people around the world install uncommon tool is not
something that should be done lightly.

> I have an old, slow machine here which I am going to use to perform
> some real world testing, and I'll post the results when I'm done. But I
> suspect that building a kernel on this machine, even a small one with
> just the drivers it needs, will take much longer than unpacking the
> sources. So anyone worrying about performance would rather rely on
> cross-compilation, and in turn can afford whatever decompression tool
> is needed.

On zaurus, kernel compilation takes 4 hours. (I.e. "one night"). So
that one is ... well ... done overnight.

Untar is something I normally wait for, since you need to run
(interactive) oldconfig after that.

(cesky, pictures)

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