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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Update comment on find_task_by_pid_ns
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > > What should we do? Adding rcu_read_lock()/rcu_read_unlock() to each
    > > callers? Or adding rcu_read_lock()/rcu_read_unlock() inside
    > > find_task_by_pid_ns()?
    > Putting rcu_read_lock() in the callee isn't a complete solution.
    > Because the function would still be returning a task_struct* without
    > any locking held and without taking a reference against it. So that
    > pointer is useless to the caller!
    > We could add a new function which looks up the task and then takes a
    > reference on it, insde suitable locks. The caller would then use the
    > task_struct and then remember to call put_task_struct() to unpin it.
    > This prevents the task_struct from getting freed while it's being
    > manipulated, but it doesn't prevent fields within it from being altered
    > - that's up to the caller to sort out.

    Code for "struct task_struct" is too complicated for me to understand,
    but my understanding is that

    (1) tasklist_lock is acquired for writing.

    (2) "struct task_struct" (to exit()) is removed from task's list.

    (3) tasklist_lock is released.

    (4) Wait for RCU grace period.

    (5) kfree() members of "struct task_struct".

    (6) kfree() "struct task_struct" itself.

    If above sequence is correct, I think

    task = find_task_by_pid_ns();
    if (task)

    do_something() can safely access all members of task without
    read_lock(&tasklist_lock), except task->prev (I don't know the exact member)
    and task->usage, because do_something() finishes its work before (5).
    I think we need to call find_task_by_pid_ns() with both
    read_lock(&tasklist_lock) and rcu_read_lock()

    task = find_task_by_pid_ns();
    if (task)

    only when do_something() wants to access task->prev or task->usage .

    > One fix is to go through all those callsites and add the rcu_read_lock.
    > That kinda sucks. Perhaps writing the new function which returns a
    > pinned task_struct is better?

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