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    SubjectRe: [Regression] firewire_ohci causes system resume to fail
    On Dec 05 Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
    > There is a regression I can reproduce 100% of the time on a AMD-based desktop
    > box that resume from hibernation (or suspend) fails because of the firewire_ohci
    > module. The box just hangs when firewire_ohci resume runs, apparently, and it
    > is sufficient to do:
    > # echo devices > /sys/power/pm_test
    > # echo disk > /sys/power/state
    > to reproduce the issue.

    Do you have anything attached to the FireWire bus? What controller do
    you have?

    > It definitely works with 2.6.34, but it fails with 2.6.37-rc4+ (latest mainline).
    > I haven't tested the kernels in between, but I'm going to do that later today
    > or some time next week.
    > If you have any idea about what may be the reason, please let me know.

    As first quick thought: While we of course need to have a look at
    firewire-ohci changes, it could also be a higher-level issue in
    firewire-core. E.g. something with the 2.6.36 workqueue related core
    kernel changes. (I am only saying so because I noticed some module
    unloading issues with the firewire stack lately that seem workqueue

    I admit that PM suspend/resume or hibernate/restore are not part of my
    personal firewire driver testing regime. I need to address that.

    I Cc'd Maxim Levitsky who has working firewire suspend/resume on
    2.6.37-rc, although with some minor firewire-net related and
    isochronous I/O related nits for which he sent fixes lately:
    But I do not think that these could matter to your hang-at-resume issue.
    Stefan Richter
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