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    SubjectProcess events in order if recording from multiple CPUs
    Hi all,

    Here are my set of patches to process events in order and solve the bug where
    samples would not be attributed correctly if the COMM and MMAP events for them
    had not yet been processed.

    I ran out of time cleaning these on Friday and hadn't touched them over the
    weekend. I see Thomas has now already posted a patch that does most of what the
    third patch in this series does, and this series would supersede his patch, my
    apologies for not getting these out last week.

    In addition to what Thomas' patch does, patch 3 in this series:
    - Enables the PERF_SAMPLE_TIME flag automatically when recording if recording
    from multiple CPUs (ie, if no_inherit is not set). This flag will be
    disabled if the kernel does not support timestamps on every event and was
    not manually requested.
    - Enables ordered_samples in perf report by default.
    - If an event is encountered without a timestamp, fall back to processing in
    file order (otherwise we might process a PERF_RECORD_EXIT event too early).

    Thomas' patch does change some names that I did not ('self' -> 'session'), but
    those should be pretty straight forward to put in their own patch on top of

    The first patch in this series changes how unresolved symbols are printed out
    and the second patch moves some debugging output into the trace_event function
    to keep the debugging output sensible when processing events by timestamp.


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