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    SubjectRe: [git pull] i915 fixes
    On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 2:01 PM, Jesse Barnes <> wrote:
    > Did you want to disable SSC entirely on gen5+ just so we can get all
    > the known machines working?  It's possible it could add some wifi or
    > sound interference, but that's better than not having a display (most
    > of the time).

    It would be sad to possibly add more electrical noise to machines that
    already work with it, but at the same time I do think that "working
    screen" tends to be a lot more important than "try to avoid RF noise".

    Also, are you sure it's really the fact that we enable spread-spectrum
    that causes this? The code is really confused, and seems to mix up
    "lvds_use_ssc" not just with the enabling of SSC, but it also with how
    impacts the reference clock itself.

    And it impacts the reference clock in really odd ways, that look buggy
    and confusing, where the tests are repeated in multiple places: first
    to set the reference frequency, and then later to set the bits that
    choose the reference input frequency.

    In particular, look at how 'refclk' is calculated in
    intel_crtc_mode_set(), vs how we actually set the input frequency
    later in the function. The two don't actually *match*. That sounds
    bogus to me - since it means that the pll values have been calculated
    for a reference clock that isn't actually used. No?

    Look at the code for the "!is_lvds" case, for example. It uses
    "IS_GEN2()" to determine what refclk to use, but then when setting the
    PLL_REF_INPUT_xyz bits, we actually take "is_tv" into account - which
    the code didn't when it calculated refclk. That strikes me as odd. No?

    Now, that shouldn't matter for the LVDS case, but I'm wondering
    whether something similar is going on where the conditionals just
    don't match up, and we end up calculating the plls for a different
    frequency than the one we actually end up _using_.

    There's also this very odd special refclock magic for ironlake
    limiting that only happens for ssc_freq == 100 when ssc is enabled.
    Maybe the problem is in the limiting tables, and the ssc frequency
    change just ends up then picking the "wrong" limiter table? So even if
    the frequency is correct, and the pll calculations are using that
    correct frequency, the 120-vs-100Mhz frequency change ended up
    switching the tables around?

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