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    SubjectRe: Sending some form of notifaction when sched_fifo throttling kicks in...
    On Thu, 2010-12-23 at 15:04 +0100, Dhaval Giani wrote: 
    > > ... If you think you're fine with some /proc (and perhaps cpuacct, if
    > > cgroups are being used) readable, I can try to come up with something.
    > >
    > There is no point in putting it in cpuacct since cpuacct can be used
    > separately from cpu.
    Which would mean that you'd need both for having such stat. Anyway, I'm
    fine with putting this in 'cpu' as well, just trying to find a consensus
    on what the right place is.

    > > Do others have some idea and/or comments about that? This is
    > > ABI/interface, and that really scares me! :-P
    > IIRC, your patchset had something like this for getting the
    > statistics? Starting fromt hre, would schedstats be the right place?
    SCHED_DEADLINE patchset has both signaling capabilities and some
    statistic reporting, bat it's a different thing.

    I think schedstat could be the right place for _this_ thing here, but
    since each cgroup could be throttled, we also need something which is
    per-cgroup... Don't you agree?


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