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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] i.MX51 Framebuffer support
Sascha Hauer <> writes:


> The following series adds i.MX51 framebuffer support based on the IPUv3. It
> is not perfect but I decided it is good enough to open it for a wider audience
> and collect first reviews. I tested this on a babbage board using both outputs
> (VGA/DVI) with different resolutions up to 1680x1050 and different colour depths.
> I also tested it on one custom board using a fixed display setting.

After adding code to my efika sb machine file and your patchset, I've
seen the light. Err, no. It was a penguin and a login prompt. I guess
it means your patchset is working here.

btw, would be nice to add some comments/docs about :
- the meaning of the fields of the imx_ipuv3_platform_data struct. it's
not clear
- same for .display field of the ipuv3_fb_platform_data


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