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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] USB: add support for Dream Cheeky DL100B Webmail Notifier (1d34:0004)
    On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 12:58:42AM +0100, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
    > Greg: I hope I understood your instructions correctly. :-)
    > Some notes:
    > - I increased the file's version number (1.1 -> 1.2). Hope that's OK.

    Actually, you could just remove it, it's pretty pointless :)

    > - There were two differently capitalized ENOMEM messages with the same
    > contents before, and as I had to add a third one, I de-capitalized one
    > for consistency reasons.

    That's fine.

    > - The patch removes the three color #define-s, as they are no longer
    > suitable on the top level, and puts the values directly in the code.
    > This should be clear enough, as the respective color is mentioned
    > in the line before. (I considered to use "const" values or an enum,
    > but both generated different, more verbose code.)

    That's fine too.

    > Please review again and consider for inclusion. (The patch is diffed
    > against

    I would, but it looks like you didn't test this patch out by building it
    as the following line really would not compile properly at all, right:

    > + retval = usb_control_msg(led->udev,
    > + usb_sndctrlpipe(led->udev, 0),
    > + 0x09,
    > + 0x21,
    > + 0x200, The price difference to Delcom's thingy lets you a lot of room. :-)
    > + 0,
    > + buffer,
    > + 8,
    > + 2000);

    I think you might want to fix that up :)

    Care to resend?

    Third times a charm?


    greg k-h

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