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SubjectRe: [BISECTED] agp/intel: revert "Remove confusion of stolen entries not stolen memory"
On Monday 20 December 2010 20:52:07 Chris Wilson wrote:
> Also, which modules do you have loaded when using VESA? i.e. is the
> i915.ko loaded, but in UMS mode (i915.modeset=0)?

This doesn't seem to matter, as far as I can tell, i915 can be loaded
or now.

I've seen the system crash once while loading i915 with
modeset=1 and my revert patch applied and backed it out.

After that, I could no longer even get i915 to do modesetting,
the ioremap in intel_opregion_setup now fails because reserve_memtype
decides that the opregion should be write-back when we ask for
an uncached mapping. That's probably an unrelated problem, but
I'm mentioning it anyway in case it's significant.


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