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SubjectRe: [linux-pm] 2.6.37-rc5, pata_atiixp, DVD-ROM: kernel log flooded with "rpm_resume flags 0x4", "rpm_resume returns 1"
On Fri, 17 Dec 2010, Stefan Richter wrote:

> Well right --- hald polls the card reader for media change too.
> I now noticed that the two lines
> sd *:0:0:0: rpm_resume flags 0x4
> sd *:0:0:0: rpm_resume returns 1
> are logged once for each sd device (i.e. those with fixed media too)
> at the startup of hald. Is this expected?

I don't know anything about the details of hal. But I do know that you
can tell hal not to poll certain devices. Look at "man

> Note, I have not seen anything of the sort on another PC which runs
> 2.3.37-rc6 with the same PM debug options. The differences are that
> the other PC is an Intel 945GM based one with x86-32 kernel and 32bit
> Gentoo userland, whereas the PC with log spam is an AMD RS780 based one
> with x86-64 kernel and 64bit Gentoo userland. Both got hal 0.5.14-r2.

Maybe CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG is set differently, or userspace enables
dynamic debugging of different subsystems.

Alan Stern

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