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    SubjectGFS2: Pre-pull patch posting (-nmw)

    This is a bit early this time, but I'm not expecting to add any more
    features to this patch set before the merge window. In fact it is
    mostly clean up and fixes anyway. So I'm pushing it out now to let
    everybody see it ahead of time.

    The only user visible new feature this time is the addition of
    support for updating quota usage values through the quotactl
    interface. This addition means that all of GFS2's quota operations
    will be accessible via the generic quota-tools userland package
    very shortly. This is a precursor to being able to drop the userland
    gfs2_quota tool and use the generic quota tools for all GFS2 quota
    operations at some future date.

    I'm planning to keep the glock scalability patch (previously posted
    on cluster-devel) until the following merge window, since that is
    a fairly large patch, and it should be ready to go into my -nmw tree
    as the first patch of the new -nmw tree with a bit of luck.

    Other than that I don't think there is much else noteworthy this


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