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    SubjectRe : [PATCH] base: add sysfs socs info
    <> a écrit :
    > this provide an easy way to register
    > soc information
    > arch, family, model, id, revision
    > as this for at91sam9g20
    > $ cat /sys/devices/system/soc/soc0/arch
    > current
    > $ cat /sys/devices/system/soc/soc0/family
    > at91
    > $ cat /sys/devices/system/soc/soc0/id
    > at91sam9g20
    > $ cat /sys/devices/system/soc/soc0/model
    > 0x00000000019905a0
    > $ cat /sys/devices/system/soc/soc0/revision
    > 1.1

    Ouch, I've never seen so few explanations when it comes to add a new ABI...

    Can you explain why this is needed at all ? How can it be usefull for an application for example ? Why make it a device ?

    I mean there are plenty of SoC supports in the kernel (take a look to arch/arm) and none of them need that so far.

    So at least we can expect some motivations to include this stuff in mailine.


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