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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] mtd: allow mtd and jffs2 when ARCH=um
    On Tuesday 14 December 2010 15:23:49 Jason Lunz wrote:
    > On one hand you've got uml, which simply doesn't have mmio. On the other
    > there's mtd, which began as a method for accessing hardware devices that
    > are often accessed using mmio. But then the mtd subsystem developed
    > emulations of that hardware that are software based and thus don't
    > require mmio. It's mainly these emulated backends I'm interested in
    > exposing.
    > Nothing is going to change so that it makes sense to have any real
    > mmio-using hardware driver run on uml. The question you raise is, are
    > there other classes of driver with a software-only subset that can be
    > exposed on uml? And if so, would adding stub implementations of
    > readb/writeb and friends actually be enough to make those work? I'm not
    > aware of any, so at present I don't think the argument for implementing
    > this in uml arch code is very strong. Or in other words, I don't think a
    > "general solution" would be very general.

    For what it's worth, QEMU had replaced all my use cases for UML in the past
    few years. If I wanted to play with loopback mounting jffs2 I'd build a kernel
    to run under QEMU, and have that emulate the flash.

    GPLv3: as worthy a successor as The Phantom Menace, as timely as Duke Nukem
    Forever, and as welcome as New Coke.

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