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    SubjectMFD cell structure and sharing of resources
    Hi Samuel,

    I'm hoping you can give us your opinion on a design challenge we are facing.
    You recently merged Andres's recent patches to convert cs5536 to a
    MFD, with GPIO and MFGPT now as mfd cells.

    We also have the olpc-xo1 driver specific to a specific laptop model,
    providing power management functions, and this needs to use the cs5536
    resources "acpi" and "pms".

    At the same time, we are working on other improvements to olpc-xo1
    (adding suspend/resume support). Due to review comments we are going
    to rename this to olpc-xo1-pm and make it builtin only.

    Then we are going to add a new driver, perhaps named olpc-xo1-sci,
    which deals with things like power button input device, lid switch,
    etc. This driver needs to use the "cs5536-acpi" resource which is also
    used by olpc-xo1-pm.

    So the question is: how can 2 drivers share this MFD resource?

    We do not want to merge olpc-xo1-sci and olpc-xo1-pm, because
    olpc-xo1-pm can only be builtin (but thankfully is small), and
    olpc-xo1-sci will become a bit more bloated and we'd like to make that
    modular (in the interests of generic distros).

    A few options that spring to mind:

    1. Adjust the list of mfd cells in drivers/mfd/cs5535-mfd so that
    rather than being a list of resources, it is a list of drivers that
    rely on the mfd driver. The entries would be: gpio, mfgpt,
    olpc-xo1-pm, olpc-xo1-sci. olpc-xo1-pm would have the 2 resources it
    needs (pms & acpi), and the acpi resource would be duplicated into
    olpc-xo1-sci too.

    We'd then add a machine_is_olpc() check inside cs5535-mfd so that the
    OLPC-specific cells are only passed to mfd_add_devices on OLPC

    2. Continue with Andres' olpc-xo1-pm patch that makes that driver act
    as a driver for both acpi & pms. When both resources are available, it
    could probe an olpc-xo1-sci platform device as a child of itself,
    having the ACPI resource shared on the platform_device level (similar
    to how MFD shares resources via cells).

    3. For olpc-xo1-pm and olpc-xo1-sci, forget about hooking into MFD and
    go back to the route of looking for the appropriate device on the PCI
    bus and accessing the regions that way.



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