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SubjectRe: [Patch] debugfs: remove module_exit()
On 12/02/10 11:59, Greg KH wrote:
>>> Even if they were (and hint, I don't think they are), they have nothing
>>> to do with the patch you created so they don't belong here. The rule is
>>> "one patch per logical change" and you didn't even describe that you
>>> were removing these lines in the changelog entry, so that's two strikes
>>> against removing these lines.
>> Ok, teach me where DEBUG is used in that file?
> It is. And even if it isn't, it still shouldn't be done in this patch,
> which is my main point here.

I see.

>>>> Huh? Wasn't it a module before?
>>> Yes it was.
>>>> I think the problem is tracers use debugfs, it needs to depends on DEBUGFS=y.
>>> So if you disable tracing, then you could use debugfs as a module,
>>> right? So the patch should not be applied.
>> No, that CONFIG is a bool, no way to make it as a module.
>> Since you insist, I will send a patch to make it as a module.
> {sigh} No, that's not what I ment at all.

Totally confused. :(

If you want to make it as a module, then we should not use 'bool'
and tracers should depend on =y.

If not, then this patch applies.

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