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SubjectRe: [Intel-gfx] [bisected] offset display bug in i915
On Mon, 2010-11-08 at 05:18 -0500, Jon Masters wrote:

> The following patch that you recently committed breaks my ASUS Eee PC
> 1015PEM by causing the display to be offset by about 1 inch (a few
> centimeters) when the mode is (re)set during boot. I previously posted
> both photographs and video of the problem in another "PROBLEM" thread.

Here's my bisection log, for the record.

git bisect start
# good: [f6f94e2ab1b33f0082ac22d71f66385a60d8157f] Linux 2.6.36
git bisect good f6f94e2ab1b33f0082ac22d71f66385a60d8157f
# bad: [c8ddb2713c624f432fa5fe3c7ecffcdda46ea0d4] Linux 2.6.37-rc1
git bisect bad c8ddb2713c624f432fa5fe3c7ecffcdda46ea0d4
# good: [33081adf8b89d5a716d7e1c60171768d39795b39] Merge branch
'for-linus' of
git bisect good 33081adf8b89d5a716d7e1c60171768d39795b39
# bad: [00ebb6382b8d9c7c15b5f8ad230670d8161d38dd] Merge branch
'for-linus' of git://
git bisect bad 00ebb6382b8d9c7c15b5f8ad230670d8161d38dd
# good: [520045db940a381d2bee1c1b2179f7921b40fb10] Merge branches
'upstream/xenfs' and 'upstream/core' of
git bisect good 520045db940a381d2bee1c1b2179f7921b40fb10
# bad: [60ee6d5faf5f7920ba88b82c072864596f5b88af] ipmi: fix __init and
__exit attribute locations
git bisect bad 60ee6d5faf5f7920ba88b82c072864596f5b88af
# bad: [e6b46ee712b92db1cc2449cf4f65bc635366cad4] Merge branch
'drm-vmware-next' into drm-core-next
git bisect bad e6b46ee712b92db1cc2449cf4f65bc635366cad4
# good: [f7abfe8b281991c66406c42c1a6c6c9ee0daa0ff] drm/i915: Fix an
overlay regression from 7e7d76c
git bisect good f7abfe8b281991c66406c42c1a6c6c9ee0daa0ff
# bad: [9e0ae53404700f1e4ae1f33b0ff92948ae0e509d] drm/i915: Don't
overwrite the returned error-code
git bisect bad 9e0ae53404700f1e4ae1f33b0ff92948ae0e509d
# bad: [881f47b64723f4d697084533491a489e3e74b10f] drm/i915: add a new
BSD ring buffer for Sandybridge
git bisect bad 881f47b64723f4d697084533491a489e3e74b10f
# good: [f899fc64cda8569d0529452aafc0da31c042df2e] drm/i915: use GMBUS
to manage i2c links
git bisect good f899fc64cda8569d0529452aafc0da31c042df2e
# bad: [b84d5f0c22914d37d709add54c66e741c404fa56] drm/i915: Inline
git bisect bad b84d5f0c22914d37d709add54c66e741c404fa56
# bad: [f49f0586191fe16140410db0a46d43bdc690d6af] drm/i915: Actually set
the reset bit in i965_reset.
git bisect bad f49f0586191fe16140410db0a46d43bdc690d6af
# bad: [219adae138513bae20b256f1946b9cb3b75ca05c] drm/i915: Cache LVDS
git bisect bad 219adae138513bae20b256f1946b9cb3b75ca05c
# good: [e9e5f8e8d373e72f5c39dafde1ce110fc7082118] Merge branch
'drm-intel-fixes' into HEAD
git bisect good e9e5f8e8d373e72f5c39dafde1ce110fc7082118


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