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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/23] netoops support
    On Mon, 2010-11-08 at 12:31 -0800, Mike Waychison wrote:
    > This patchset applies to v2.6.37-rc1.
    > The following series implements support for 'netoops', a simple driver that
    > will deliver kmsg logs together with machine specifics over the network.
    > This driver is based on code used in Google's production server environment.
    > We internally call the driver 'netdump', but are planning on changing the name
    > to 'netoops' to follow the convention set by both the mtdoops and ramoops
    > drivers. We use these facilities to gather crash data from our entire fleet of
    > machines in a light-weight manner. We do things this way because it
    > simply isn't feasible to gather full crash data off of every machine in
    > the wild that decides it is time to die.
    > Currently, this driver only supports UDP over ipv4.
    > In order to handle configuration, the target support in netconsole is
    > fixed, seperated out, and re-used by netoops.
    > I'm posting these patches in an effort to eventually get this sort of
    > functionality mainlined. I have tried to clean this code up internally, but
    > there are still several unresolved issues that would need to be worked
    > out as of this version. In particular:
    > * I am _NOT_ happy with the remaining userland ABIs presented in this
    > patchset. Specifically the files "net_dump_now",
    > "net_dump_one_shot", "netdump_fw_version", "netdump_board_name" and
    > "netdump_boot_id" should be considered. These files have been
    > cobbled together by a variety of engineers over the years, and they
    > aren't very pretty. I present them none-the-less to express the
    > scope of the functionality that we would like to maintain.
    > * I am _NOT_ happy with the data format of the transmitted packets. It is
    > very specific to our server environment and currently:
    > * is hard-coded to support both userland provided information (that may
    > not be applicable to others) and
    > * only supports i386 and x86_64.
    > I'd like to resolve each of the above issues in subsequent versions of this
    > patchset. I need help in identifying what the ABI should look like in
    > particular.
    > Patchset summary
    > ================
    > Patches 1 through 4 inclusive are fixes to the existing netconsole code,
    > adding locking consistency, fixing races and deadlocks.
    > Patches 5 through 14 inclusive splits the target configuration portion
    > of netconsole out into a new component in net/core/netpoll_targets.c.
    > Patches 15 through 18 inclusive are core changes to support
    > functionality in the netoops driver.
    > Patches 19 through 23 is the netoops driver itself, with different
    > functional aspects broken out.
    > 1 - netconsole: Remove unneeded reference counting
    > 2 - netconsole: Introduce locking over the netpoll fields
    > 3 - netconsole: Introduce 'enabled' state-machine
    > 4 - netconsole: Call netpoll_cleanup() in process context

    > 5 - netconsole: Wrap the list and locking in a structure
    > 6 - netconsole: Push configfs_subsystem into netpoll_targets
    > 7 - netconsole: Move netdev_notifier into netpoll_targets
    > 8 - netconsole: Split out netpoll_targets init/exit
    > 9 - netconsole: Add pointer to netpoll_targets
    > 10 - netconsole: Rename netconsole_target -> netpoll_target
    > 11 - netconsole: Abstract away the subsystem name
    > 12 - netpoll: Introduce netpoll_target configs
    > 13 - netconsole: Move setting of default ports.
    > 14 - netpoll: Move target code into netpoll_targets.c

    This much of your set looks very nice to me, but I'd like to get some
    more eyeballs on the first four. Dave?

    Acked-by: Matt Mackall <>

    Mathematics is the supreme nostalgia of our time.

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