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    SubjectQ: sys_perf_event_open() && PF_EXITING
    I am puzzled by PF_EXITING check in find_lively_task_by_vpid().

    How can it help? The task can call do_exit() right after the check.

    And why do we need it? The comment only says "Can't attach events to
    a dying task". Maybe it tries protect sys_perf_event_open() against
    perf_event_exit_task_context(), but it can't.

    c93f7669 "perf_counter: Fix race in attaching counters to tasks and
    exiting" says:

    There is also a race between perf_counter_exit_task and
    find_get_context; this solves the race by moving the get_ctx that
    was in perf_counter_alloc into the locked region in find_get_context,
    so that once find_get_context has got the context for a task, it
    won't get freed even if the task calls perf_counter_exit_task.

    OK, the code was changed since that commit, but afaics "it won't be
    freed" is still true.


    doesn't matter if new top-level (non-inherited) counters get attached
    to the context after perf_counter_exit_task has detached the context
    from the task. They will just stay there and never get scheduled in
    until the counters' fds get closed, and then perf_release will remove
    them from the context and eventually free the context.

    This looks wrong. perf_release() does free_event()->put_ctx(), this pairs
    get_ctx() after alloc_perf_context().

    But __perf_event_init_context() sets ctx->refcount = 1, and I guess this
    reference should be dropped by ctx->task ? If yes, then it is not OK to
    attach the event after sys_perf_event_open().


    Hmm. jump_label_inc/dec looks obviously racy too. Say, free_event() races
    with perf_event_alloc(). There is a window between atomic_xxx() and
    jump_label_update(), afaics it is possible to call jump_label_disable()
    when perf_task_events/perf_swevent_enabled != 0.


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