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SubjectRe: [RFCv3 00/21] TCM Core and TCM_Loop patches for v2.6.37
Hi Nick,

I promised you and James to get back to a throughout review for more
than just the backends. It's still in progress, but here is what I
think is most important:

- Sort of the the namepspace for both the file names and function
names. I think you reluctantly agreed to do that a while ago anyway,
but I think it's time to bite the bullet now. Please agree on a
common prefix for both function names and modules. I think the
target name in the directory structure is the best one, but I really
don't care too much. The transport_ prefix used in some code is
really misleading, and the se_ in other isn't too helpful either.
- make sure backends, frontends and core/ code under drivers/target/
are properly separated
- clean up the exported - both as in EXPORT_SYMBOL and simply global
functions. There's a lot of things that should be static or not
exported to modules but is right now. The scripts/
script in the kernel tree is a great helper for that.
- Similarly the headers could use some re-arrangement. I've been
trying to make sense of what each header does but couldn't find it.
In the optimal world you'd have one header for the front-end API,
one of the back-end API and one or more for common structures
and defintions. All with a comment explaining what they are there

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