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    SubjectRe: gcc 4.5.1 / as miscompiling drivers/char/i8k.c ?
    Andi Kleen <> writes:

    > Jim <> writes:
    >> After upgrading my Dell laptop, both OS+kernel the i8k interface was giving
    >> nonsensical output. As it turned out it's not the kernel but compiler
    >> upgrade which broke this.
    >> Guys at Archlinux have found the underlying cause (but don't seem to have
    >> submitted a patch yet):
    >> gcc seems to optimize the assembly statements away.
    >> And indeed, applying this patch makes the i8k interface work again,
    >> i.e. replacing the asm(..) construct by asm volatile(..)
    > The compiler really should not optimize the asm away, because
    > it has both input and output arguments which are later used.
    > "asm volatile" normally just means "don't move significantly"

    The asm fails to mention that it modifies *regs.


    Andreas Schwab,
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