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SubjectRe: High CPU load when machine is idle (related to PROBLEM: Unusually high load average when idle in 2.6.35, and later)
* Peter Zijlstra <> [101130 15:59]:
> OK, so here's a less crufty patch that gets the same result on my
> machine, load drops down to 0.00 after a while.

Seems OK too here.

> It seems a bit slower to reach 0.00, but that could be because
> I actually changed the load computation for NO_HZ=n as well, I added
> a rounding factor in calc_load(), we no longer truncate the division.

Yes, really feels slower, but in the two configurations as you write.
Then this is a matter of convention, do not know which version is more
"correct" or "natural", but this is coherent in the two modes (HZ and

Do you plan to push this one to upstream/stable, or do you plan further

Thanks for your patches,
Damien Wyart

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