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SubjectRe: [W1] a driver for DS2405 chip

On 03/11/2010, at 6:53 AM, Maciej Szmigiero wrote:

> W dniu 01.11.2010 13:35, Jonathan Cameron pisze:
>> On 10/28/10 21:52, Maciej Szmigiero wrote:
>>> [W1] a driver for DS2405 chip
>>> This is a driver for DS2405 1-wire single-channel addressable switch / PIO.
>>> DS2405 can also work as single-channel binary remote sensor.
>> Perhaps handle this as a gpio chip? (be it a fairly limited one)
>> To my mind it would make it more generally useful...
> I think the GPIO infrastructure is meant for on-system GPIOs, where 1-wire devices are mostly
> used for remote data acquisition.

Nope! The contents of drivers/gpio is split roughly 50/50 between on- and off-chip gpio expanders.

> That's probably why w1_therm (for 1-wire thermometers) is not integrated with HWMON subsystem.

Don't know why this is but kinda sounds like it should be looked at more closely - conceptually 1-W is just another bus like, eg, SPI.


> Maciej Szmigiero
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