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SubjectRe: [PATCH 14/14] ptrace: remove the extra wake_up_process() from ptrace_detach()
Today I lost the concentration at 13/14 ;)

Will continue tomorrow. As for this patch,

On 11/26, Tejun Heo wrote:
> This wake_up_process() has a turbulent history. This is a remnant
> from ancient ptrace implementation and patently wrong. Commit
> 95a3540d (ptrace_detach: the wrong wakeup breaks the ERESTARTxxx
> logic) removed it

Yes. This obviously means I personally like this change. In fact,
I never understood this wakeup, and I was glad to find the reason
to send the patch.

> but the change was reverted later by commit edaba2c5
> (ptrace: revert "ptrace_detach: the wrong wakeup breaks the
> ERESTARTxxx logic ") citing compatibility breakage and general
> brokeness of the whole group stop / ptrace interaction.

Yes. Honestly, I completely forgot the reason, iirc 95a3540d
broke gdb somehow.

Add Jan. IIRC, we had a long discussion after that, and (iirc!)
Jan seems to agree we can kill this wakeup.


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