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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] Kernel fbcon UNICODE font support
2010/11/26 Alan Cox <>:
>>  I know there are most people speaking only English, and never meet
>> non-ASCII characters on console. But, hey , what about others ?
> Like the people who have never met Indic languages or half-space using
> languages, or Arabic or right to left/left to right mixed or ...
>>  So, here is the solution: Making framebuffer console handle UNICODE font in
>> kernel.
> It isn't really a solution - the rendering rules for Unicode are extremely
> complex, this is why things like Pango exist to do it in user space.
> Alan

Hey, just support very basic rendering. that should fix most situations.
If ascii fits 90% situations, then this UNICODE support should fit 99%
situations. It don't make console display urgly glyph. Users who want
more complex can simply choose gnome-terminal or konsole or blablalba
This maks it possible to quickly view an UTF-8 text without boring X.
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