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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 04/14] signal: don't notify parent if not stopping after tracehook_notify_jctl() in do_signal_stop()
    On 11/26, Tejun Heo wrote:
    > do_signal_stop() tests sig->group_stop_count one more time after
    > calling tracehook_notify_jctl() as it's allowed release siglock. If
    > group_stop_count has changed to zero, it no longer stops but still
    > notifies the parent.

    Only if tracehook_notify_jctl() returns nonzero. That was the
    point, tracehook_ can ask to notify even if we are not going to

    > Also, tracehook_notify_jctl() doesn't release siglock, so, currently,
    > none of these matters at all.

    Yes. But with this patch it is not possible to drop siglock in

    > This doesn't cause any behavior difference as the condition never
    > triggers in the current code.

    I don't understand the motivation then (probably I should read
    the next patches).

    If we kill the ability to drop ->siglock in tracehook_notify_jctl(),
    we can simplify the code further. No need to start with
    ->group_stop_count = 1 and then decrement it again.

    We could do something like

    static int do_signal_stop(int signr)
    struct signal_struct *sig = current->signal;
    int notify;

    if (sig->group_stop_count) {
    } else {
    struct task_struct *t;

    if (!likely(sig->flags & SIGNAL_STOP_DEQUEUED) ||
    return 0;
    * There is no group stop already in progress.
    * We must initiate one now.
    sig->group_exit_code = signr;

    for (t = next_thread(current); t != current; t = next_thread(t))
    * Setting state to TASK_STOPPED for a group
    * stop is always done with the siglock held,
    * so this check has no races.
    if (!(t->flags & PF_EXITING) &&
    !task_is_stopped_or_traced(t)) {
    signal_wake_up(t, 0);

    if (!sig->group_stop_count) {
    sig->flags = SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED;
    current->exit_code = sig->group_exit_code;
    notify = CLD_STOPPED;

    if (notify || current->ptrace) {
    do_notify_parent_cldstop(current, notify);

    /* Now we don't run again until woken by SIGCONT or SIGKILL */

    current->exit_code = 0;

    return 1;

    In short, this patch dismisses tracehook_notify_jctl().



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