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SubjectRe: [thiscpuops upgrade 10/10] Lockless (and preemptless) fastpaths for slub
On Wed, 24 Nov 2010, Pekka Enberg wrote:

> > +       /*
> > +        * The transaction ids are globally unique per cpu and per operation on
> > +        * a per cpu queue. Thus they can be guarantee that the cmpxchg_double
> > +        * occurs on the right processor and that there was no operation on the
> > +        * linked list in between.
> > +        */
> > +       tid = c->tid;
> > +       barrier();
> You're using a compiler barrier after every load from c->tid. Why?

To make sure that the compiler does not do something like loading the tid
later. The tid must be obtained before the rest of the information from
the per cpu slab data is retrieved in order to ensure that we have a
consistent set of data to operate on.

The critical section begins with the retrieval of the tid and it ends with
the replacement of the tid with the newly generated one. This means that
all state data for the alloc and free operation needs to be retrieved in
that critical section. The change must be saved with the final
cmpxchg_double of the critical section.
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