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    SubjectRe: Re-distributable 88w8335 Firmware?
    On Sat, 2010-11-20 at 11:29 +1100, Julian Calaby wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > Once again, someone is trying to build a working driver for the Marvel
    > 88w8335 chipset, and is once again hampered by a lack of
    > re-distributable or official firmware. (See:
    > )
    > As such, on Denis's behalf, I'm asking if anyone knows of anyone at
    > Marvel that they can poke in an attempt to get a re-distributable
    > firmware for this chipset released for eventual inclusion into
    > linux-firmware.
    > I believe that this chipset is pretty much obsolete (being only an
    > 802.11g part) so I cannot see any reasonable reason not to release the
    > firmware, especially given that newer chipsets ("TopDog" - see the
    > mwl8k driver) have had re-distributable firmware released along with
    > open source Linux drivers for some time now.
    > If we cannot obtain proper firmware files, the very least Marvel could
    > do would be to bless the *BSD Malo driver's firmware files (obtainable
    > here: - see
    > for more info) with a
    > proper re-distributable license.
    > In terms of the actual chipsets in question, I'm referring to the
    > 88w8335, 88w8338, and 88w8385 chipsets. I believe Marvel refers to

    Note that the 8385 shouldn't be included in this list, since it's a
    FullMAC chip, is handled already by the 'libertas' kernel driver, and
    we've already got firmware for its CF & SDIO variants in linux-firmware
    along with the 8388, 8682, 8686, and 8688.


    > them as being part of the "Libertas" family of chipsets - however they
    > don't have the fancy mesh stuff that the chips the libertas driver
    > talks to have - and are also PCI.
    > A previous effort in 2008 is viewable here:
    > and searching for "mrv8k" reveals the
    > remnants of that effort which mostly happened before my involvement in
    > this.
    > A proper "official" set of firmware files would smooth one of the
    > bumps in getting proper support for this driver into the Linux Kernel.
    > (as well as helping the BSD folks with the Malo driver) Marvel has
    > shown that they are willing to provide some support for the open
    > source community with the TopDog driver, as well as the driver for the
    > SAS chipset. Hopefully they can continue their support with what would
    > be a small gesture in support of our efforts to write a driver for
    > this old chipset.
    > Thanks,

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