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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] big chunk memory allocator v4
    On Tue, 23 Nov 2010 16:46:03 +0100
    Michał Nazarewicz <> wrote:

    > A few things than:
    > 1. As Felipe mentioned, on ARM it is often desired to have the memory
    > mapped as non-cacheable, which most often mean that the memory never
    > reaches the page allocator. This means, that alloc_contig_pages()
    > would not be suitable for cases where one needs such memory.
    > Or could this be overcome by adding the memory back as highmem? But
    > then, it would force to compile in highmem support even if platform
    > does not really need it.
    > 2. Device drivers should not by themselves know what ranges of memory to
    > allocate memory from. Moreover, some device drivers could require
    > allocation different buffers from different ranges. As such, this
    > would require some management code on top of alloc_contig_pages().
    > 3. When posting hwmem, Johan Mossberg mentioned that he'd like to see
    > notion of "pinning" chunks (so that not-pinned chunks can be moved
    > around when hardware does not use them to defragment memory). This
    > would again require some management code on top of
    > alloc_contig_pages().
    > 4. I might be mistaken here, but the way I understand ZONE_MOVABLE work
    > is that it is cut of from the end of memory. Or am I talking nonsense?
    > My concern is that at least one chip I'm working with requires
    > allocations from different memory banks which would basically mean that
    > there would have to be two movable zones, ie:
    > +-------------------+-------------------+
    > | Memory Bank #1 | Memory Bank #2 |
    > +---------+---------+---------+---------+
    > | normal | movable | normal | movable |
    > +---------+---------+---------+---------+

    > So even though I'm personally somehow drawn by alloc_contig_pages()'s
    > simplicity (compared to CMA at least), those quick thoughts make me think
    > that alloc_contig_pages() would work rather as a backend (as Kamezawa
    > mentioned) for some, maybe even tiny but still present, management code
    > which would handle "marking memory fragments as ZONE_MOVABLE" (whatever
    > that would involve) and deciding which memory ranges drivers can allocate
    > from.
    > I'm also wondering whether alloc_contig_pages()'s first-fit is suitable but
    > that probably cannot be judged without some benchmarks.

    I'll continue to update patches, you can freely reuse my code and integrate
    this set to yours. I works for this firstly for EMBEDED but I want this to be
    a _generic_ function for gerenal purpose architecture.
    There may be guys who want 1G page on a host with tons of free memory.


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