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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 08/12] gpio: add ti-ssp gpio driver

    --- On Tue, 10/26/10, Cyril Chemparathy <> wrote:

    > From: Cyril Chemparathy <>
    > Subject: [PATCH v4 08/12] gpio: add ti-ssp gpio driver

    On the assumptions you've tested this *AND* will
    resubmit with the previously-requested change of
    removing all references to non-existent
    "virtual"ness in the driver ... I'll likely
    add my ack to that resubmitted version

    Also, chip2gpio seems an excessively generic name;
    maybe chip2_ti_ssp_gpio or somesuch?

    I'd still be happier seeing this "stack" packaged
    as a hardware library called by various drivers
    (like GPIO, SPI, etc) rather than a core driver
    that's called by other drivers. That seems like
    a better structure for various vendors' "SSP"
    hardware (multifunction serial interface logic)
    since most function drivers just need to poke
    the registers a bit differently, and don't have
    much to share with a "core driver" beyond a few
    setup routines (if that).

    - Dave

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