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    Subject[regression] NFS readdir change break fully cached nfs root

    My NFS root test systems stopped booting with 2.6.37-rc1. It just
    hangs after entering user space.

    The NFS root setup uses a slightly fancy parameter setup to minimize
    network traffic:

    nfsroot=,nocto,acregmin=86400,acregmax=86400,acdirmin=86400,acdirmax=86400 root=/dev/nfs

    I bisected it down to this commit from Bryan.

    Unfortunately it's not trivially revertable because that conflicts
    with later patches.

    commit d1bacf9eb2fd0e7ef870acf84b9e3b157dcfa7dc
    Author: Bryan Schumaker <>
    Date: Fri Sep 24 14:48:42 2010 -0400

    NFS: add readdir cache array


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