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    SubjectRe: ide boot failure 2.6.36/2.6.28 - 2.6.27 works
    Answering myself (and providing info that can be Googled):

    > I wanted to boot a recent kernel on an old machine and failed.
    > The last kernel that worked was 2.6.27.
    > What goes wrong is that the disks are no longer detected on 2.6.28.

    A typical error would be

    Cannot open root device 342 or unknown block (3,66)

    Reading the code shows that the default probing is no longer done.
    Editing ./drivers/ide/ide-generic.c and changing

    -static int probe_mask;
    +static int probe_mask = 3;

    returns my disks to life, and this old machine boots again.


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