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SubjectRe: mvsas errors in 2.6.36
On 11/17/2010 08:53 AM, Thomas Fjellstrom wrote:
> Still no fatal errors, but the problem is still happening regularly. It causes
> a pause in disk io of a couple seconds at least. Really quite annoying.

After the mvsas update in 2.6.35 this started happening to me as well;
at least its better than the previous state - not working.. ;-) However,
after rolling a new 2.6.35 with the following fix that is queued up for
the upcoming 2.6.35 and 2.6.36 stable releases, they seem to have
dissapeared - 3 days and counting.;a=blob_plain;f=queue-2.6.33/libsas-fix-ncq-mixing-with-non-ncq.patch;h=b6d7c92094d95ad67a3b23c2e09c25d4fbd0f46b;hb=HEAD

The fix is queued up for the next 2.6.36 and 2.6.35 stable point-releases.

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