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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/6 v6] ARM: Add basic architecture support for VIA/WonderMedia 85xx SoC's
    > Russell, could you please elaborate on your comment regarding spinlocks
    > and irq handlers? I always compile my kernel with all kinds of lock
    > debugging, and have not run into any associated warnings. Is there
    > anything suspicious specifically?

    My fault: actually, those were not all lock debugging functions. It
    really prints errors when lock correctness proving is enabled. I thus
    decided to just assign the callback functions directly to irq_desc
    struct fields, as it is done in mach-msm.

    There is, however, another error showing up: it complains about my use
    of ioremap inside arch_reset(). Is it fine to just hardcode the
    virtual address of the respective register and use that directly in
    this case? Something along the lines of:

    /* PM Software Reset request register */
    #define VT8500_PMSR_VIRT 0xf8130060

    static inline void arch_reset(char mode, const char *cmd)
    writel(1, VT8500_PMSR_VIRT);


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