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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/17] Series short description

On 12/11/10 11:13, Martyn Welch wrote:
> The following series implements...

Grr. Stacked GIT decided to send the cover before I'd finished writing
it! What I meant to say is:

Hi Greg,

Here's the series of patches from Emilio I have been through and Acked.

Sorry for not sending this sooner, bad health kept me from work. I have
promised to work through the remaining patches for Emilio, however the
absence from work and work commitments means this is going to take a
little longer than I had hoped (sorry Emilio). It is on my "todo" list.

I have applied minor edits to some of the patches to remove checkpatch
warnings, stacked git has the habit of correcting chunk offsets (which
may occur when re-ordering patches etc.), but I believe the others are
as sent by Emilio (with the addition of my ack).


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GE Intelligent Platforms | Wales (3828642) at 100
T +44(0)127322748 | Barbirolli Square,
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