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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 02/22] sched: add extended scheduling interface
    On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 14:32 +0100, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
    > > BTW, as Dhaval was suggesting, are (after those changes) fine with this
    > > new sched_param? Do we need some further mechanism to grant its
    > > extendability?
    > > Padding?
    > > Versioning?
    > > void *data field?
    > > Whatever?
    > >
    > > :-O
    > >
    > > I'd like very much to have some discussion here, if you think it is
    > > needed, in hope of avoiding future ABI issues as much as possible! :-P
    > Right, so you mentioned doing s/_ex/2/ on all this stuff, which brings
    > it more in line with that other syscalls have done.
    Sure, this is necessary and easy to achieve. :-)

    > The last three parameters look to be output only as I've not yet found
    > code that reads it, and __getparam_dl() doesn't even appear to set
    > used_runtime.
    Yeah, just kind of statistical reporting of the task's behaviour. That's
    why I was in agreement with Dhaval about using schedstats for those
    (bumping the version, obviously). What do you think?

    > One thing you can do is add some padding, versioning and void*
    > extentions are doable for the setparam() path, but getparam() is going
    > to be mighty interesting.
    Mmm... So, tell me if I got it well: I remove the last three parameters
    (e.g., moving them toward schedstats) and add (besides _var and _max)
    some padding? It that correct?

    what about the len <== sizeof(struct sched_param2) in
    sched_{set,get}{param,scheduler}2()... Does this still make sense, or
    are we removing it?


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