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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Restrict unprivileged access to kernel syslog

    * Andrew Morton <> wrote:

    > OK by me, apart from ...
    > a) I'd question the need for the config option. Are distros really
    > so lame that they can't trust themselves to poke a number into
    > procfs at boot time?

    When it comes to security i personally prefer 'permanent' defaults that is a
    property of the booting image. I'd even change the default for the x86 defconfig for
    example - and we could make this option default-y in the future. (We cannot ever
    make the sysctl default itself default-1, it would break compatibility with old

    > b) we have "dmesg_restrict" and "CONFIG_RESTRICT_DMESG". Less
    > dyslexia, please.

    Good point. CONFIG_DMESG_RESTRICT is the proper hierarchical naming i suspect.



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