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SubjectRe: 2.6.36 io bring the system to its knees

> > > As already mentioned, ext3 is just not a good choice for this sort of
> > > thing. Did you have atimes enabled?
> >
> > At least for ext3, more important than atimes is the "data=writeback"
> > setting. Especially since our atime default is sane these days (ie if
> > you don't specify anything, we end up using 'relatime').
> >
> > If you compile your own kernel, answer "N" to the question
> >
> > Default to 'data=ordered' in ext3?
> >
> > at config time (CONFIG_EXT3_DEFAULTS_TO_ORDERED), or you can make sure
> > "data=writeback" is in the fstab (but I don't think everything honors
> > it for the root filesystem).
> Don't forget to mention data=writeback is not the default because if
> your system crashes or you lose power running in this mode it will
> *CORRUPT YOUR FILESYSTEM* and you *WILL LOSE DATA*. Not to mention

You will lose your data, but the filesystem should still be
consistent, right? Metadata are still journaled.

> the significant security issues (e.g stale data exposure) that also
> occur even if the filesystem is not corrupted by the crash. IOWs,

I agree on security issues.

(cesky, pictures)

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