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SubjectRe: [ users] [KORG] Master / hera upgrade & downtime announcement
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Heads up apparently the server lied to me and claimed the drives were
fully in sync, when they were not.

A couple of people have caught that the last sync that occurred
apparently was the 29th.

I'm going to do a full resync of /pub - this will squash anything that
was there with what was present around 1900 UTC on Nov 1st. Home dirs,
mail, etc are going to have to get dealt with on a per-case basis.

I might just setup an NFS mount across the two machines and let people
snag what they need on their own with respect to that.

Right now I'm working on bringing the old box back up so we can get at
the data.

Just a heads up, stop by #korg on LinuxNet or on Freenode if
you need to corner me on something *NOWish*

Sorry about that, I did double check that stuff was in sync, so I'm not
sure what happened there.

- - John 'Warthog9' Hawley

On 11/01/2010 03:09 PM, J.H. wrote:
> Hey All,
> Just a heads up the box is back up. There's a few sundry items that
> still need to be dealt with and there might still be another reboot in
> the next couple of days but I'll send a separate e-mail if/when that has
> to occur.
> All in all things look good, and for the most part it went smoothly
> (well other than the typical disaster that grub throws at me).
> If you see anything amiss, please give me a holler or e-mail
> with details.
> Again thanks to Google and HP, specifically Chris DiBona and Bdale
> Garbee, for the new box. It is very nice. If you get a chance cat
> /proc/meminfo or cat /proc/cpuinfo - you won't be disappointed.
> - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
> On 11/01/2010 01:37 PM, J.H. wrote:
>> Hey All,
>> Just a heads up I'm running a little behind but should be starting shortly.
>> - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
>> Chief Administrator
>> On 10/29/2010 01:40 PM, J.H. wrote:
>>> Afternoon Everyone,
>>> Thought I'd give everyone a quick heads up, that since Kernel Summit
>>> starts on the 1st of November, which means I've got my one chance to do
>>> system maintenance on master / hera for the year.
>>> I'm expecting to do the upgrade on the 1st itself, likely start time
>>> will be around Mon Nov 1 19:00:00 UTC 2010, and I'm hoping for the
>>> entire downtime to take no longer than 2 hours.
>>> Things that are going to happen during the upgrade:
>>> - OS getting upgraded to Fedora 13
>>> w/ custom kernel to solve XFS and disable IMA
>>> - Hardware change
>>> Google and HP have been very generous enough to
>>> get us a new machine for the master / hera machine.
>>> The new machine is a dual, quad core Xeon X5550 box
>>> with 32G of ram. Beyond that it nearly identical to the
>>> current machine.
>>> The current machine will become a 'live' backup machine
>>> that will sync semi-continuously, and be available
>>> should catastrophic failure of master / hera occur.
>>> Think that's the main big changes. I'm already working on the upgrade
>>> since I have multiple boxes to do this with, and things are looking good
>>> so far.
>>> As a note the start time is estimated, if there is a major change to the
>>> start time I will let everyone know.
>>> As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns please e-mail me
>>> or
>>> - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
>>> Chief Administrator
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