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    SubjectRe: How many params can be accept by kernel module at most?
    2010/11/1 Américo Wang <>:
    > On Mon, Nov 01, 2010 at 05:49:53PM +0800, tingwei liu wrote:
    >>The params are transferred by command line. And the params are all in
    >>program statically. So the stack size determine the params number. For
    >>example: stack size is 4K,and params are unsigned int type with 4
    >>bytes,so the max number of params is 1 thousand。
    > Please don't top-reply.
    > That is not true, the parameters are passed via 'uargs' of init_module()
    > dynamically, this is when you invoke modprobe/insmod.
    > For your own kernel module, you may use module_param() to provide
    > parameters, the max of this is limited to the size of ELF section size,
    > since they are stored in "__param" section.

    I really use module_param() to provide parameters. How much of the ELF
    section size? How can I find the document of the ELF.
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