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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: allow, but warn, when issuing ioremap() on RAM
2010/10/9 Arnd Bergmann <>:
> On Saturday 09 October 2010 12:28:19 Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> Also, what do you think is the right attitude? Do you think all
>> driver writers should follow each and every patch on the mailing list
>> or always try release candidates? Even if they all did (some do),
>> there's no generic solution, so they all are scratching their heads
>> about how to solve this. It might be crystal clear for you how such
>> generic solution could be implemented, or perhaps how some of these
>> drivers can be fixed individually, if so, why don't you come with a
>> proposal to mitigate the pain of fixing such drivers.
> Please put this into perspective, it's not like this was ever a
> normal thing to do, and drivers doing an ioremap on kernel memory
> would typically not make it through a review. I've looked through
> the ARM specific drivers that do ioremap and practically all of
> them just map their MMIO registers as they should.
> The few drivers that may be hit by this are typically in drivers/staging
> exactly because issues like this have not been fixed yet.
> We should probably just fix the non-staging drivers that are hit by
> this now and declare the issue done.
> When you say that "many drivers broken", can you list the ones you know
> about? It would probably help resolve this the right way.

I know of tidspbridge, in my original mail I listed some links, one
which mentions: sh_mobile_ceu_camera, maybe i.MX31 users of the
mx3_camera driver: pcm037 and mx31moboard.

From the looks of it, PowerVR SGX seems like it will be broken too:

Other people have been asking questions without mentioning specific drivers too:

But my guess is that most of the issues would be found after releasing
.36, and of course the current issues cannot possibly be fixed in that

Anyway, Russell said he already reverted the change, which I don't
think is ideal, we need the warning, then I think many more will pop

Felipe Contreras

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